HealthIT Buzz: Information Blocking: Eight Regulatory Reminders for October 6th

On October 6, 2022, we reach the end of the more than two-year glide path laid out for the information blocking regulations. Moving forward, expect to see periodic, experience-driven regulatory updates as well as continued work on education, outreach, and oversight, including the establishment of disincentives for health care providers. There may also be the possibility of information blocking advisory opinions if Congress grants the Secretary such authority.

This blog post covers a few information blocking (IB) reminders, including the significance of October 6, 2022. To help “IB actors” and the community as a whole, we’ve launched a new, dedicated information blocking webpage that contains links to everything from basic regulatory information, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and blog posts like this. I’d especially like to call your attention to two upcoming virtual office hours that our team is holding on October 6th and October 27th – click here for more information… Read the full article here.



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