VA RFI and SOO: Supply Chain Modernization


VA requires a modernization and transformation program supported by a Transformation Partner to achieve the stated objectives, rather than simply the purchase and deployment of technology products. The Contractor shall follow all relevant VA policies to include Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) best practices and OIT security policy. VA security requirements shall be included in all Offeror’s proposed Performance Work Statements (PWS). The following SOO – Supply Chain Modernization 8 represent overarching objectives relevant to the entirety of VA’s supply chain and should be used to guide offerors when proposing solutions for VA’s SCM effort…


The Contractor’s proposed enterprise supply chain solution shall meet the following overarching requirements across the VA Enterprise supply chain. These requirements shall be accounted for in the Offeror’s proposed PWS.

The Contractor shall:

  1. Provide solutions that directly align to, and support, business processes and policies proposed by the Contractor to meet supply chain performance standards.
  2. Execute continuous improvement programs at both the enterprise level and within each specific supply chain Functional Objective throughout the life of the contract.
  3. Provide a performance management program that tracks and measures, in real time, supply chain performance at the enterprise level and across each specific supply chain Functional Objective.
  4. Provide a real-time automated dashboard that supports reporting tied to measurable and actionable performance management and risk analysis.
  5. Develop a risk management program that measures and assesses supply chain risk at the enterprise level and across each specific supply chain Functional Objective to include risk management strategies.
  6. Develop an organizational change management program that supports enterprise and specific supply chain modernization efforts and user adoption both upon initial implementation and throughout the life of the contract.
  7. Develop a procurement management program that continually assesses VA buying patterns and proposes cost-savings and performance-enhancing strategies for improving the manner in which VA orders and procures items at the enterprise, regional and local levels.
  8. Evaluate and develop a plan to optimize the mix of organic technologies and processes necessary to execute proposed solutions to achieve proposed performance standards establishing VA as a benchmark to industry.
  9. Develop deployment plans, concept(s) of operations and an integrated master schedule to fully deploy and operate all objectives with recommended Service Level performance standards…

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