DHA WAMC Sources Sought: Womack Army Medical Center IT Services

Notice ID: HT0015-23-DHA-WAMC


WAMC requires on-site Information Management/Information Technology services in every facet of Information Management/Information Technology (IM/IT) healthcare and administrative endeavors. The contractor will provide qualified personnel, transportation, and services to complete the tasks as outlined within this Performance Work Statement (PWS), in support of all infrastructure, servers, network storage, workstations, peripheral devices, desktop applications (to include software and hardware installations and virus/security updates), print and document management, electronic mail, document management/imaging, Military Hospital System (MHS) systems, local applications, visual informatics and graphics, Video Teleconference Center (VTC), and communications systems at all sites that comprise WAMC. The contractor’s responsibilities will include aspects of hardware maintenance and all software support for all workstations, peripherals, and servers. This will require interaction with both Government civilian and military employees and other hardware maintenance and software/system support contractors. The work will also require interaction with other Department of Defense (DoD) agencies’ personnel and their contractors. WAMC requires non-personal services on location for IM/IT support comprised of hardware, software, and infrastructure. The contractor will meet workload and deliverables required during periods of peak performance and/or special projects. All contractors and subcontractor personnel working this task order will be U.S. citizens.

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