GSA Blog: New Technology Law Division Bolsters GSA’s Leadership in Technology Modernization

Over the past 20 months, the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has intensified its efforts to build a digital government that delivers for the public through trusted, accessible, user-centered technologies. From incentivizing a more agile approach to IT modernization through the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) to building effective digital solutions and services across the Executive Branch, GSA has a leading role to play in the Biden-Harris Administration’s effort to build a simple, streamlined, and secure digital infrastructure that delivers exceptional customer experience and puts people first…

To support these efforts and build on this momentum, GSA recently created a new division within the agency’s Office of the General Counsel—the Technology Law Division. By providing dedicated and specialized legal services to GSA’s technology-focused components, this new division will help GSA to continue delivering the best customer experience and value in technology services to the government and the American people.

The Technology Law Division is currently hiring for key positions:

  • Associate General Counsel for Technology Law—The agency is seeking a proven technology law leader to serve as the head of the Technology Law Division. This attorney will lead a growing team in providing client-centered legal support to GSA’s technology-focused components—an opportunity to serve the public and work with emerging technologies to drive innovation in a dynamic and compliant way.
  • Assistant General Counsel (GS-13and GS-14)—GSA is also looking for less experienced attorneys to join the team. Attorneys of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply, but should have an interest in learning about and working with new technologies and areas of the law.

“GSA’s commitment to modernizing the government’s approach to technology services is a significant priority for Administrator Carnahan and her senior leadership team,” said Arpit K. Garg, GSA’s General Counsel. “The Associate General Counsel for Technology Law will work closely with the most senior leaders across the agency to provide advice and counsel in a developing, but critically important area of public law. And the Assistant General Counsel will provide direct support to our technology-focused components—a great opportunity for a more junior attorney to join our growing team.” … Read the full blog post here.



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