NIH Sources Sought: Successful Trajectories of Aging: Reserve and Resilience in RatS (STARRRS) project support services

Notice ID b75N95023Q00025


The National Institute on Aging (NIA), Intramural Research Program (IRP) requires support services for the Successful Trajectories of Aging: Reserve and Resilience in RatS (STARRRS) project. The goal of STARRRS is to establish a resource of longitudinal behavioral and neuroimaging data, and biological specimens (biospecimens), from a validated rat model to enable basic research on mechanisms of successful cognitive and brain aging. The collections of data generated from the project, as well as related biospecimen availability, must be maintained in a Relational Database Management System and distributed through a publicly accessible website to researchers endeavoring to better define characteristics of aging and cognitive impairment, and to identify predictors of preserved cognitive function in old age.

The objective of this contract is to establish a central entity, the Coordination Center & Digital Data Resource (CCDDR). The CCDDR shall coordinate activities to receive, store, distribute, and increase awareness of STARRRS resources. This requires development, management, and maintenance of a comprehensive databank and access to the databank through a website. Data and biospecimens will be generated incrementally over the life of the contract, with biospecimen availability occurring approximately two years after establishment of the CCDDR. The digital data includes tests of cognitive function, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and types and number of biospecimens collected from rats across their lifespan.

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