GCN: The low-code remedy for public health IT

People who complain that “the government” (as if it were a monolithic entity), should be as efficient as private businesses don’t understand that federal, state and local government agencies face challenges most companies could never overcome.

Besides scaling services to hundreds of millions of people, governments are required to comply with complex legislation unlike anything most for-profit businesses deal with. And, of course, budget constraints often keep government agencies behind the curve when it comes to staffing and resources—especially for IT.

The good news is that agencies can deploy technology faster than ever before with low code, the increasingly popular approach to app development in which users can define application logic in an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI). The low-code revolution is already in full swing in the private sector: By 2024, nearly two-thirds of all development is expected to use this approach. For understaffed, overburdened government agencies, this low-code revolution can’t come soon enough… Read the full article here.



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