Healthcare Dive: As complaints roll in, ‘complexity’ holding up HHS information blocking enforcement, health IT coordinator says

In an interview, ONC head Micky Tripathi shared his thoughts on information blocking complaints, provider worries about compliance and what’s holding up the HHS in delineating punishments for actors found obstructing data — a major gap in the enforcement of the rules…

Claims against providers continue to make up a clear majority, continuing the trend first seen in March. The large majority of complaints are still filed by patients and patient advocates.

That’s surprising given information blocking is “still kind of an esoteric concept,” Tripathi said. It’s harder for people to be aware of the reporting process, while vendors pay strict attention given they can be held liable for high fines if they’re in violation. Tripathi said that as awareness grows and enforcement kicks in, that could raise the visibility of the information blocking regulations and cause the number of complaints to increase…

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