MeriTalk: Government Needs ‘Customer-Centric’ Redesign, New Report Says

The Federal government is due for a “customer-centric” redesign to address the primary root causes of customer experience (CX) challenges, according to a new report from the Partnership for Public Service and Accenture Federal Services.

The report, “Designing a Government for the People: Collaborative Approaches to Federal Customer Experience,” argues that the primary root cause of most CX challenges is that “much of government structure and regulation was not designed with customers in mind.”

“Designing and implementing customer solutions within this government-centric framework will always be a challenge,” the report says. “Administration, agency, and congressional leaders must work together to redesign a government that is capable of not just understanding all its customers’ needs but also of building solutions for them and being accountable for how well those customers’ needs are met.” … Read the full article here.



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