VA seeking Chief Nursing Officer

The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is the top executive for nursing and other patient care services, and a key member of the senior executive leadership team that leads the organization in strategic planning, organizational assessment, program development and evaluation, and policy development and execution.


The CNO will lead the practice of nursing within the regional network in alignment with the Office of Patient Care Services and the Office of Nursing Services strategic direction for the full continuum of the nursing and patient care services workforce. VISN CNOs have the responsibility to develop the regional market nursing and patient care services workforce strategies to ensure a strong nursing and patient care services workforce that is prepared to meet the four statutory missions of the Veterans Administration. The CNO elevates the role, reputation and practice of nursing locally, regionally, and nationally by establishing relationships with nursing schools and professional organizations to draw talent to the VA, evolve practice models for nurses, nurse practitioners, and certified registered nurse anesthetists to transform health care and clinical processes and, provide oversight for regulatory, licensure and accreditation requirements related to all aspects of nursing including nurse trainees.

As the Clinical Dyad for the VISN with the Chief Medical Officer (CMO), the CNO will:

  • Advance health by providing expanded access to care with a focus on quality, safety, and exceptional service.
  • Commit to delivering safe, high-quality, Veteran-driven care, and offering clinical expertise, innovation, and cutting-edge technology and research to Veterans.
  • Advance the standardization for the implementation of Veteran health care and well-being, reduce unnecessary clinical variation, based on the utilization of best practices supported by research and evidence-based care.
  • Oversee the strategy and architecture of clinician redesign efforts in coordination with healthcare systems in their regional markets and care delivery sites.
  • Design and execute new models of care to assure the most efficient use of resources including trainees.

With VISN Leaders, the CNO will:

  • Create and implement technologies to streamline care delivery systems with Information Technology (IT) and Analytics.
  • Assess and execute strategies to ensure optimal health IT operational functionality based on sound research for application to Veteran care.
  • Lead the creation and execute the ideal Veteran experience.
  • Champion health equity strategies to improve the health and outcomes of underserved Veteran populations.
  • Champion and lead a high-reliability culture.
  • Lead whole health approach for how clinicians deliver health care tailored to an individual patient’s health and well-being.
  • Advance the organization’s performance around value and differentiation through the deployment of processes, tools and, measures to meet all four statutory missions of VA.
  • Drive standardization and reduce unnecessary clinical variation utilizing research and evidence-based healthcare.

Read the full job description here.



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