VHA seeking Associate Director

Duties include, but are not limited to: Budget and Fiscal Management:

  • leads the planning and development of current and proposed program objectives in conjunction with administrative and clinical managers; develops short and long range fiscal year plans that meet the objectives of current and proposed programs;
  • works on the development of a balanced financial plan designed to meet realistic needs of the facility and the network; makes important decisions substantially affecting economy of facility operations by limiting operating expenses without impairing patient care activities, through management assessment, cost effective position management techniques, reorganization, methods improvements, and automation;
  • ensures that utilization of available resources impacting facility operations is in line with plan or, modified through recurring review;
  • manages allocated resources to provide the best possible patient care in line with established priorities;
  • manages all budgetary and resource management for the entire facility by chairing the resource management committee/board. In addition, manages budgetary and resource management for assigned services.
  • takes timely corrective action where delegated responsibilities are not being properly applied or executed.

Personnel Management:

  • Delegates authority as appropriate and holds managers under his/her oversight responsible and accountable for the performance of the product lines, programs, and services under their supervision and management. In this capacity the incumbent exercises a full range of managerial and supervisory authorities and responsibilities which include:
    • prioritizing major work efforts;
    • evaluating the performance of the service level management teams;
    • giving advice, counsel, or instruction;
    • interviewing and tentatively selecting candidates for key centralized positions, and recommending appointment, promotion or reassignment involving such positions;
    • hearing and resolving appropriate complaints and grievances; (f) effecting disciplinary measures, recommending action to higher level officials; and (g) identifying and providing management development and training needs of key staff members.

Read the full job description here.



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