DHA DHAR seeking Chief Health Informatics Officer (CHIO)

About the Position: The [Defense Health Agency Region Europe (DHAR)] is an intermediate management organization that provides management and administrative oversight and support to the overseas Medical Treatment Facilities (MTF) aligned to it to ensure the delivery of integrated, affordable and high quality healthcare to beneficiaries in accordance with the Defense Health Agency’s (DHA) priorities of great outcomes, ready medical force, satisfied patients, and fulfilled staff.


  • Assist DHAR’s leadership in the governance of the DHAR MTF’s Health Informatics programs by managing and being responsible for all Health Informatics related activities within the DHAR.
  • Ensure an effective process is in place for communicating vertically between DHAR entities and DHA HQ as well as vertically within the DHAR Office and DHAR organization.
  • Coordinate with other Health Informatics team members within the DHAR, and DHA HQ, to identify areas of concern or areas that can be improved upon to enhance the capabilities, efficiencies or effectiveness of current tools.
  • Ensure the gathering of health informatics data in order to analyze and identify gaps in performance and to support the successful deployment, and adoption of new health informatics capabilities within the DHAR.
  • Establish the vision for the health informatics of the DHAR, including short and long-term goals as well as metrics to measure success.
  • Ensure health informatics staffed assigned to the DHAR office are aware of all policies and procedures.

Read the full job description here.



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