GovCIO: How Emerging Tech Can Improve Military EHR Deployment

The Defense Health Agency deployed its new military health system, MHS GENESIS, to 18 military clinics and hospitals in September 2022, bringing the MHS to a total of 97 hospitals and clinics using the new electronic health record (EHR) system, which is interoperable with the Department of Veterans Affairs’ own EHR system. Now, from service members’ admission into the service through their deployment and beyond, a continuous record exists in the system, allowing for higher-quality care…

“Rolling out MHS GENESIS is really just the beginning. Even as it’s out, we’ve always struggled with how to optimize their processes when attachments can be added,” Ken Johns, CTO for the Program Executive Office, Defense Healthcare Management System (PEO DHMS), said at the annual AFCEA Health IT Summit in Bethesda, MD last week.

The investment in EHR interoperability allows healthcare professionals to easily access patient data to inform decision-making. According to Col. Thomas Cantilina, MHS Chief Health Informatics Officer, there are three big challenges to these consolidations: power, scale, and the speed of light… Read the full article here.



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