HealthITAnalytics: Partnership to Expand Health Equity Data to Improve Community Health

A collaboration between the University of Notre Dame Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society and Accenture aims to address community health challenges by expanding health equity data and applying analytics approaches to identify care gaps.

At the University of Notre Dame, the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society strives to further the capabilities of data science and analytics programs…

“The Accenture Health Equity Data gift will allow us to build a comprehensive framework to identify where gaps exist for underserved communities when trying to improve health and well-being,” continued Chawla. “An understanding of these gaps can illuminate the sources of disparities that can be followed up by collaboratively developing clinical, behavioral, social and/or policy interventions that target these challenges.”

Accenture will also support a fundraising campaign for the project over a three-year period… Read the full article here.



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