HHS seeking Health Scientist/Branch Chief, Quality Assurance and Analysis Branch


As a Supervisory Health Scientist – Branch Chief, you will oversee and manage the Quality Assurance and Analysis Branch and manage and lead activities related to program data collection, data management, data analysis, program evaluation, data dissemination, and/or implementation science.  Your major duties and responsibilities may include:

  • Directing and working with a team responsible for planning and conducting the collection, management, and analysis of PRB data and initiatives including program evaluation and data dissemination, adjusting work to accommodate resource allocation decisions.
  • Supervising the statistical analysis of data, including but not limited to recipients of funding and associated expenditures of providers.
  • Training staff members on the design and execution of statistical data analysis.
  • Providing expertise and direction on the appropriate use of evaluation methods as well as other qualitative and quantitative methods.
  • Performing statistical analyses and preparing written analytical reports, manuscripts, posters, or related documents.
  • Leading staff in the conceptualization and execution of complex data analyses, including the selection of specific methods and procedures for evaluations.
  • Writing and presenting clear summaries of the findings and analyses to Bureau leadership, staff, and external scientific and non-scientific communities.

Read the full job description here.



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