MeriTalk: DHA Official Lays Out Top Threats, Prevention Strategies for 2023

Col. Joseph Hoffert, DHA’s chief of the Solution Delivery Division and Risk Management Executive Division, expressed that his cybersecurity worries for 2023 will reflect those of 2022: phishing, malware, and ransomware.

The official revealed during Federal News Network’s event that the agency plans to continue its work towards cloud computing adoption and zero trust architectures – like identity and access management (IDAM) – to bolster its cyber posture within the Department of Defense (DoD)…

DHA’s crown jewels, the official said, are health information and sensitive data on members within the DoD. The challenge with this, he said, is balancing the need to protect sensitive personal health data with seamless accessibility to legitimate users such as healthcare providers that operate on behalf of the DHA.

Hoffert said he worries about the usual cyberattacks, like phishing-powered ransomware, but what is unique to healthcare and of particular concern to the DHA is networked medical devices… Read the full article here.



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