Technical Assent seeking Federal Sector Capture Manager

Technical Assent is seeking an experienced Capture Manager in the Federal Sector with a proven track record of success. This role will be a key member of the Growth Team and contributes directly to our goal of cultivating new customer relationships through the planning and execution of thorough capture strategies. The Capture Manager will be responsible for planning, developing, qualifying, and collecting business intelligence on qualified opportunities working across Technical Assent.  This position reports directly to the Vice President of Growth.

Project Role

  • Espouse exceeding command and communication of the “why” and “so what” of Technical Assent’s mission, vision and capabilities to government decision makers
  • Qualify opportunities based on Technical Assent’s criteria, priorities and targeted capabilities
  • Steward qualified opportunities through the pipeline and keep the Growth capability apprised of progress
  • Inform incremental bid/no bid decisions throughout the opportunity qualification process
  • Coordinate and drive all phases of capture activities and strategy execution
  • Create competitive advantages by building ongoing relationships with key government stakeholders 12-18 months ahead procurement action(s) to position Technical Assent as the preferred contractor of choice
  • Lead win strategies including win themes, competitive assessment, gap analysis, teaming advice and pricing…

Role Capabilities

  • Candidate should have the ability to:
  • Coordinate with leadership on direction and progress of tasks
  • Work in a team environment, being open to others ideas and working collaboratively to produce well-rounded solutions/deliverables
  • Effectively lead and participate in team and leadership meetings
  • Be flexible and adaptable
  • Communicate succinctly both verbally and in writing…

Role Expectations

  • Builds rapport with the client by seeing assigned tasks in the context of broader strategic goals, anticipating risks, and supporting decisions through the development and delivery of high-quality deliverables.
  • Takes advantage of learning opportunities beyond client-based role or roles and connects them to existing knowledge.
  • Shares knowledge with internal and external peers through writing and speaking 4-6 times per year.
  • Builds organizational capability by building reusable process assets, templates, and tools that improve the consistency of our services.
  • Supports federal business development pursuits by actively researching customer needs, recognizing opportunities and assessing the competitive environment to determine an optimal approach and solutions…

Read the full job description here.



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