VA CCS Sources Sought: Operations Support System (OSS) – Software Support

Notice ID: 36C10A23Q0056


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Telecommunications Engineering and Design Connectivity & Collaboration Services (CCS) Core Network Provisioning (CNP), Core Provisioning (CP) has a requirement for brand name NiOS which provides telecommunications services and support VA wide. CCS is responsible for managing VA’s Operations Support System (OSS). VA’s OSS is currently utilizing NiOS and has a requirement to renew the existing NiOS product software licenses and associated maintenance support for continued use. NiOS is a repository of telecommunication circuits and service orders, inventory, and billing functions for the services provided through the GSA Networx Contract. NiOS supports GSA Networx billing review, problem resolution, and business process improvement, including support to the Designated Agency Representative (DAR) staff in the development and processing of orders for circuits and related services. NiOS provides continued support development of the telecommunications program, inventories, and related business process developments and refinement. VA requires the continued use of the NiOS product software licenses and associated maintenance support to include core product software enhancements, help desk services, and user documentation.

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