VA RFQ: Cloud (Web)-based scheduling solution for management of workforce

Notice ID: 36C24123Q0249


Contractor shall provide 350 each Cloud (Web)-based scheduling solution for management of workforce and customer support.

  • Web/Cloud-Based
  • Accommodates overnight shift scheduling (24/7; 365)
  • Decreases manager/scheduler workload
    • Allows creation of templates
    • Flexible to fit the scheduling process of individual departments
      • Block scheduling
      • Participatory Scheduling
      • Changes to shift/schedule can be tracked
      • Wide range of reports available for managers to analyze staffing hours, overtime, absence trends, etc.
      • “Blast massage” available for last minute shift coverage needs.
    • Cell phones, work desktop, and home computer app/accessibility available
    • Staff and managers have 24/7 real-time access to schedule and any changes made
    • Manager-manager, staff-staff, and manager-staff messaging available
    • Only user name and work email needed to create and use account per Information security.  Staff can later elect to put in personal phone numbers and/or other information if deemed appropriate by OIS/OIT security rules
    • Complies with Union rules/master agreement
      • Printable copies of legible schedules for staff who opt out of app or program usage
      • Accommodates seniority rules
    • Offers multi location/department scheduling options easily sorted view options (by department, by shift, by position, or multiples of the same)
    • Printable schedules compatible with timekeeper’s needs

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