VA VBA seeking Deputy Director and Chief of Contracting Operations


This position is located in the Department of Veterans Affairs, Acquisition Directorate (AD), Office of Mission Support (OMS), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). The incumbent serves as the Deputy Director and Chief of Contracting Operations (Supervisory Contract Specialist) for the AD and provides technical procurement and administrative supervision to the Directorate’s Supervisory Contract Specialists and the Supervisory Procurement Analyst.

Major Duties include:

  • Oversees procurement operations and ensures supervisory staff are managing productivity, compliance and excellent customer service across their designated teams; provides direction on strategies for major procurements when critical technical and schedule difficulties are encountered;
  • Full range of supervisory duties to include development of performance standards appropriate to the grade and series, mid-year and final performance evaluations, and other supervisory human capital actions required at the leadership level;
  • Oversees procurement supervisors who are diverse in technical depth and drives solutions in situations where disparate knowledge and perspectives exist; functions with mastery in federal procurement as practiced within the Department of Veterans Affairs such that accurate technical direction is provided to subordinate supervisory contract specialists; contracts managed by the supervisory contract specialists range in type, complexity and span functional areas such as commodities, services, unique professional services in the automation/digitization areas, construction, architect/engineering and leasing and requires the Deputy to have technical breadth in those areas to drive consistency and positive outcomes;
  • Develops long and short range organizational plans and goals through subordinate staff; ensures supervisors actively participate in Directorate’s strategic goals and initiatives and carries out related projects that tie to advancing VBA’s procurement efforts and the quality and compliance of procurement products; …

Read the full job description here.



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