Taking a look at the importance of inclusive teams when looking at tech in the fedhealth tech space with the Director of Product at CivicActions.

About Liz Tupper, Director of Product

Liz Tupper is a strategic technology leader with over 20 years of experience working in thecivic tech, social good, AI (artificial intelligence), IoT (internet of things), web, mobile application, and video game industries. She leads the Product team at CivicActions and works to co-create experiences that make an impact alongside our clients, the people they serve, and our project teams. She is passionate about removing barriers and making technology accessible to people of all backgrounds and abilities. Well-intended software can be oppressive, and Liz is working to change that.


About Civic Actions

Founded in 2004, CivicActions is a digital services company that helps the government deliver better public services through open technology and design. With expertise in digital accessibility, free and open source software, and human-centered design, CivicActions is committed to use technology to help build a world that works for all.



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