DHA MEDCOM Sources Sought: Electronic Migration of currently in-use point of care testing (POCT) instrument management software

Notice ID: W81K00-23-Q-0057


The Medical Regional Contracting Office-West (MRCO-W) is issuing this Sources Sought Notice on behalf of Brooke Army Medical Center to find potential sources to provide an electronic “bridging or migration of currently in-use point of care testing (POCT) instrument management software and support from an obsolete server (PWeb).

Capability Statement (limited to ten pages), describing how your company meets the below objectives additional proof (such as product literature and locations where a system is currently installed) where appropriate:

  • The system must System must have B2B with remote access for updates/upgrades/troubleshooting.
  •  Must possess software capable of operating in Department of Defense (DoD) network environment.
  • Must support Active Director or integration for username/password compliance. Must possess the ability to manage patient results, quality control, linearity, operators, certifications, devices and device configurations.
  • Must be user-friendly with an easy-to-use system for navigating.
  • The easy-to-use system must possess the ability to export data to Work, Excel, PDF, etc.
  •  Must possess a quick view result exception, device alarms, connectivity, and verification of operator status.
  •  Must be capable of controlling users’ access only to data and functionality for which they have permission.

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