Federal News Network: Celebrating 5 years of the Technology Modernization Fund

This week marks a significant milestone for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF)— the five-year anniversary. The TMF, an innovative funding model for federal technology modernization projects, has grown and expanded significantly since its humble beginnings. Established in 2018, the TMF has played a critical role in delivering on administration and agency priorities and has grown accordingly. Currently the TMF manages nearly $700 million for 38 investments across 22 federal agencies, and has received and reviewed more than 220 agency proposals…

What we’ve learned over the past 5 years

Project success increases when proposals are assessed by technical experts and funded incrementally. When the federal government has spent billions of dollars on failed and poorly performing IT investments, it’s imperative for us and our technical experts to constantly evaluate our approaches and course-correct as necessary to improve project success and maximize taxpayer dollars. Using an incremental investment approach ties funding to delivery of project milestones, so that agencies are held accountable and are given support where necessary.

We are identifying where we can do the most good for the most people. Traditional technology investments often occur within silos, resulting in duplication, inefficiency, and diminished innovation. The TMF board leverages its birds-eye view to identify where an agency is on its IT modernization journey and prioritizes investments that will have the greatest likelihood of success. The board’s investment strategy takes the larger IT narrative into account, allowing the TMF to:

Develop playbooks and cultivate communities of action to help other federal agencies facing similar challenges share best practices throughout the federal community; … Read the full article here.



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