MeriTalk: VA Invests in CX, Sees Major Uptick in Veteran Trust

“In the last seven years, we’ve invested heavily in a large human-centered design practice,” the agency’s Chief Veterans Experience Officer John Boerstler said at ServiceNow’s March 13 Federal Forum in Washington, D.C.

“When we started measuring trust, ease, effectiveness, and emotion in fiscal year 2016 we were at 55 percent trust, and as we developed and studied each individual business line using human-centered design and applying the solutions to those pain points, we saw a gradual increase,” Boerstler said…

The VA official explained that 90 percent of the military is now made up of millennials and Gen Z – people who fall in the broader age range of 11 to 42 – so it’s critical that the VA is able to effectively engage with these service members.

According to Boerstler, his office took a mirror image of and turned it into a mobile application.

“We have to think about our future customers and how to better design for them because the majority of our systems are built for older generations.” … Read the full article here.



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