NIH NHLBI RFQ: Data Archive Solution

Notice ID: 75N92023R0183


The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), in support of the Information Technology and Application Center (ITAC), is seeking information from industry on data management strategies/solutions for archiving data from an on-premises Dell EMC Isilon NAS network storage platform(s) to an alternate storage platform and/or cloud target.

For the past several years the ITAC, a branch of the Office of Management of the NHLBI, has maintained an on-premise Dell EMC Isilon NAS storage cluster as the primary network data storage platform. This platform serves as general nearline storage for the vast majority of NHLBI generated data: administrative, scientific research, and some low speed ingest from select scientific instruments. As such, the cluster has approximately 12 Petabytes (PB) of data currently in use, and continues to grow exponentially. ITAC’s objective is to minimize the growth, cost, and risk to NHLBI data on the cluster by implementing a data archive solution. The archive platform will migrate infrequently accessed data (automatically and manually) from the on-premise Isilon NAS cluster to an alternate on-premise storage platform and/or cloud environment (AWS or Azure) administered by ITAC.

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