NIH Sources Sought: National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program

Notice ID: 75N95023R00034SB


The establishment of the National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program (NAHDAP) in 2009 was based, in part, on the increasing emphasis that has been placed on the importance of data sharing in general, and specifically in the social sciences where sharing has not been standard practice. Data sharing has been increasingly encouraged or required by government and other funding agencies, including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which has implemented the new data sharing and management policy effective January 25, 2023.

Requirements:  The Core Objectives for NAHDAP are to continue a data archive of drug addiction and drug addiction and HIV research data, primarily archiving social science and behavioral data though other data could be included. Interested small business organizations must demonstrate the required capabilities and in-depth knowledge in the areas listed below:

  1. Develop, maintain, and expand data infrastructure and data archive access that complies with federal security requirements and provide tiered level of controlled data access;
  2. Recruiting drug addiction or drug addiction and HIV social science and/or transdisciplinary researchers to deposit their data by actively working with the drug addiction and HIV research field;
  3. Providing technical assistance and, with Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) approval, support to investigators either with already collected drug addiction and HIV datasets to assist in preparing their data for archiving;
  4. Working to ensure that deposited data get maximum use, in part by devising and implementing strategies to ensure the drug addiction and HIV research fields are aware of the special topic archive and of what datasets are available for secondary analysis and by displaying the utility of this approach for addressing new research questions;
  5. Monitor and track data use statistics and citations resulting from data archived in NAHDAP…

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