Impactful Leader

The Importance of Passion in Healthcare

Taking advantage of every opportunity and chance to grow is the key to achieving career goals. Today we discuss being an impactful and passionate...
TiE DC Govcon

An Event Not To Miss: TiE DC Capital Govcon 2022

Today we hear from Manish Malhotra, Board Member, TiE DC, GovCon 2022 Co-Chair and Sundi Natarajan, Board Member, TiE DC & Board of Trustees,...

The Room: Episode 2

The second episode of The Room takes a closer look at navigating a competitive landscape, which we all know can be extremely challenging with so many key players vying for the same opportunities in our Industry. Our experts weigh in and give helpful advice on how they’ve succeeded in a crowded marketplace.
Identifying and Addressing Healthcare Deficits

Identifying and Addressing Healthcare Deficits

The amount of available Healthcare data is increasing exponentially. When managed correctly, this data is not only valuable for individual patient care, but can...
NIH CISO Provides Insight on Future of FedHealthIT

NIH CISO Provides Insight on Future of FedHealthIT

Today we are chatting with Jothi Dugar, the first Chief Information Security Officer at the National Institutes of Health, Center for Information Technology and...
Afternoon Tea Podcast

Check Out FedHealthIT’s Latest Podcast Series

If you haven’t heard yet, FedHealthIT has a new podcast series aimed at women making an impact in the industry, and it’s appropriately titled...

MHS Video Connect – Telehealth Re-envisioned

When military patients live far from their health clinic or hospital, or they find traveling for in-person treatment difficult, obtaining quality care when and...
Impact Podcast

A Can’t-Miss Event: The 5th Annual Leading for Impact, Women in Leadership Awards

Today we are speaking to Megan Murray, the Executive Director of Programs & Outreach for FedHealthIT about the upcoming 5th Annual Leading for Impact,...
AI in Healthcare

How Important is AI in the Healthcare Space?

Today we have a team from Accenture Federal Services discussing the use of AI in Healthcare – the opportunities for improved outcomes, the need...

The Room: Episode 1

Episode one of The Room takes a deep dive into small and large business partnerships.  Both sides of the spectrum are always looking for new partners and new ways to work together, and you’ll hear from our experts on what’s worked best, and also what small and large businesses need from each other to be successful.