Challenge Details

FedHealthIT 2016 Challenge

Important Challenge Dates & Deadlines

January 25, 2016       G2Xchange Health IT Challenge Official Launch

March 11, 2016          White Paper and Participant Agreement Deadline by COB

March 24, 2016          Phase 2 Notification

March 28, 2016          Phase 2 Mandatory Webinar, Sandbox Environment Details

April 19, 2016             Phase 2 Prototype Submission Deadline 2 pm EST

May 4, 2016                G2Xchange Health IT Awards Ceremony

PHASE 1:       January 25, 2016 to March 11, 2016

Those interested in participating in the G2Xchange Federal Health IT Challenge are required to submit a short white paper outlining your solution and complete a Participant Agreement.

White papers and signed Participant Agreement are due no later than:

March 11, 2016   COB   

The panel judges, which include a number of former federal health IT executives and other industry leaders will review the papers and select a subset of participants to continue to Phase 2.  All Participants will be notified by e-mail on March 24, 2016.



PHASE 2:       March 24, 2016 to April 19, 2016  

Phase 2 Participants will be invited to a mandatory webinar, held on March 28 at 1 PM EST.  Phase 2 participation details will be reviewed to include information about available tools, resources and the Sandbox Environment.

Phase 2 prototype solutions are due no later than:

April 19, 2016  2:00 PM EST

All Phase 2 participants will be invited to attend and showcase their solutions as part of an event to be held on May 4th 2016.  All prototype solutions will be provided to government leaders from across DHA, VA, CMS, and HHS.  The solutions will be hosted and showcased in the secure sandbox environment.