Challenge FAQ

FedHealthIT 2016 Challenge

Who Should Participate?
Small Business companies that qualify as a Certified SBA Small Business with annual revenues less than $27.5 Million and less than 500 employees

University Students currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program  (University Professors can provide mentorship and subject matter expertise to support the University students in the Challenge)

Individual Participants

Large Business companies that would like to mentor a Small Business, University Student, or Individual Participant

How will my Intellectual Property Be Protected?
G2xchange makes no claim to ownership of any entry or any intellectual property of the challenge participants, or any third-party intellectual property that is a part of any submission.  Challenge participants do not grant any rights in any intellectual property related to the participant’s/team’s entry
What are the details for the Secured Sandbox Environment for Phase 2 Participants?
  • Dedicated for Phase 2 Participants Only Participant sandbox positioned in a secured and dedicated 3 tier development environment
  • Participants will be provided individual web, application and database servers
  • Server specifications and Visio documentation will be available for all Phase 2 participants
  • Participants can choose either Windows Server 2012 Standard or CentOS 7.x LAMP Install Operating systems (if a participant chooses windows all 3 servers will be windows and vise versa with CentOS)
  • Servers have one processor core 6 GB RAM 100 GB local storage
Will there be any Prizes for Phase 1 participants?

No, only finalists selected for Phase 2 are eligible for prizes

Will I be able to publicize my participation and outcome of the G2Xchange Challenge?

Yes. G2Xchange will additionally publicize the Phase 2 solutions and participants

Will Phase 2 participants have the opportunity to demonstrate their solutions at the G2Xchange Federal Health IT Event on May 4th, 2016?


Can any of the organizers or reviewers participate in the challenge?

No, Reviewers and any parties involves in the G2Xchange challenge are precluded from bidding

who will be reviewing and evaluating the applications and prototypes?
The evaluation committee will be made up of a group of industry leaders that include numerous former Federal Health IT executives. Firms with a participating evaluator will be precluded from submitting a response
What happens if my team is selected as a winner of Phase One?
Participants will attend a webinar about the next steps. All Phase Two participants will be part of the event on May 4th.
Will the final prototype solutions be made available to government? And, if so, how?

G2Xchange has met with and discussed the Challenge with several Federal Health agencies and there is a high level of interest in both reviewing and previewing the final solutions. All solutions will be presented as part of an event on May 4th, 2016, with government in attendance. Secondly, and of even greater importance, all prototype solutions will be made available to government on a secure hosted environment for them to review in the privacy of their own offices.