DHA Forecast Opportunities FY18

Contract NumberAcquisition StrategyContract TypeAnticipated Value RangeDescriptionContract Expiration DateAnticipated RFP Release DateContract Length (#Yrs)Incumbent
HT0011?18?C?0009/ ?0010/ ? 0011Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$150M ? $225MConsolidated WCP ContractTBD201953 (contractors) Booz Allen Hamilton Inc/Booz Allen Hamilton Inc./Armed Forces Services Corp
HT0011?13?F?0016SB Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$50M ? $75MFHP&R (Mission Assurance support will be included)20-Jan-192018 Q45Knowesis, Inc
HT9402?17?F?0013Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MProvides three pronged program management for the DoD Patient Safety Program, the Clinical Support Division and for the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs Health Services Policy and Oversight27-Sep-182018 Q35Booz Allen Hamilton Inc
W81XWH?08?D?0044Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MPM Mission Support (Consolidates Usability Labs and Integrated Marketing)27-Sep-182018 Q35Consolidates Usability Labs: TIAG, Inc, Int Marketing: JR Reingold and Associates
HT0011?14?C?0009Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MA non?personal services contract to provide services designed to promote laboratory compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA ‘88) and its subsequent amendments. The federal regulation, 42 CFR Part 493, provides the minimal conditions that all laboratories must meet to be certified to perform testing on specimens derived from the human body for the purpose of providing information for the diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any disease, or impairment of, or assessment of the health of, human beings. The desired outcome is the professional accreditation of medical laboratories operated by the Department of Defense (DoD) and the assessment of the quality of testing services provided through the analysis of laboratory performance on analyze/test challenges contained in proficiency testing products/surveys31-Dec-182018 Q45College Of American Pathologists
NewUnres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MSurgical SchedulingNewTBD5N/A
W81XWH?17?F?0086Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProgram management to handle multiple statutory requirements and meet the intent of the outcome of the SECDEF review of clinical quality, patient safety, and access to care. Also address high reliability initiatives.27-Sep-182018 Q35Engility Corporation
TBDSole SourceFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MReviews and analyzes harm and near harm events for the patient safety program. Drafts reports for senior leadership and Congress.28-Sep-192019 Q25TBD
HT0011?17?R?0028Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MBusiness Operations Spt14-Sep-182018 Q35VMD Systems Integrators, Inc.
W81XWH?16?F?0327Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MIntegrated Marketing Services29-Aug-192019 Q25JR Reingold and Associates
HT0011?13?F?0043Sole SourceFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MAssesses clinical outcomes for linked mother and infants across the military health system and benchmarks these outcomes with major maternal infant hospitals in the United States.28-Sep-192019 Q35National Perinatal Information Center, Inc.
TBDTBDFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MMedical Equipment Standardization Support and Clinical Engineering support contracts will consolidate to:
Provide non?personal services for day?to?day support of the Medical Logistics (MEDLOG) Division, Health Care Technology Management Branch (HTM) mission and initiatives. Conducts independent work in support of all phases of the clinical technology lifecycle for the DHA Director, Healthcare Technology Management (HTM). Assists with the development and delivery of processes and programs to monitor emerging technologies; report healthcare related technology trends; assess new healthcare related technologies; disseminate healthcare related technology information as appropriate across the DoD Military Health System (MHS) and the DHA, and
29-Sep-182018 Q35TBD
W81XWH?17?C?0217Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MSesame Street for Military Families29-Sep-182018 Q35Sesame
HT0011?17?P?0006Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MLegal Medicine Support28-Sep-182018 Q35ASRC Federal Data Network
HT0011?14?C?0022Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MSupport to the Enterprise for budgeting formulation/POM, financial & cost analysis, IGCEs for MCSC, information systems?data mining, policy analysis, reference files support, reimbursement support, educational support, etc.30-Sep-192019 Q35Kennel & Associates
W81XWH?08?D?0029?000809Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)$20M ? $35MSupports assessing, evaluating, and documenting effectiveness of clinical and non?clinical programs and initiatives relevant to quality and outcome performance pertinent to the DoD in general and specifically to the DHA and the Military Health System, and the provision of consultation and technical assistance to support related program eval. and improvement efforts.30-Jan-192019 Q15Dynamics Research Corporation
GS11T08BJD6002GWAC (GSA/OASIS)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MSupports strategy management: creation of enterprise measures, review and analysis, decision?making, strategic initiatives, change management, special projects, environmental scanning, strategy education. Futures: long?term, over?the?horizon planning, partnerships, global health engagement, innovation/research and dev.23-Jul-182018 Q35Strategy: Deloitte Consulting, LLC
Futures: Axiom
W81XWH?08?D?0028?0043GWAC (GSA/OASIS)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProcess improvement support services for the original 10 shared services directed by Congress, as well as new enterprise support areas (ESAs); tracking savings; annual update of business case analysis initiatives and concept of operations; process improvement project design to execute BPR plans previously created and approved; piloting new business processes; development of process and performance measures and performance dashboards; development of BCA savings projections to budget execution.27-Oct-182018 Q45Deloitte Consulting, LLC
HT0011?14?F?0045Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MContract supports the operations for the Health Plan/TRICARE Standard and Autism Survey.30-Sep-192019 Q35Altarum Institute
HT0011?14?F?0035Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MTRICARE Inpatient Satisfaction Survey (TRISS) Contract provides operations and analysis for the Inpatient Satisfaction Survey for all 3 Services and the
30-Mar-192019 Q15IPSS Public Affairs, lLC
Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MSupports all data management activities for the enterprise for M2, MDR ? analysis, modeling, forecasting, extraction, maintenance, validation and data quality tasks for both purchased and Direct Care.1-Oct-192019 Q35Leidos, Inc
NewGWAC (GSA/OASIS)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MContract supports: organizational design and human capital support; project management; project reengineering; financial management; business analyst support; training.1-Sep-182018 Q35N/A
HT0011?17?C?0018SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Reim. (CR)$5M ? $20MMaintain the MHS Requirements Repository Software Tool and Methods. The Contractor shall be responsible for maintaining the following current suite of Tool sets and related Repositories and their respective supporting methods: Serena Business Manager (SBM); Serena Dimensions RM (SDRM);
and Serena Request Center (SRC).
15-Oct-192019 Q35Insignia Federal Group
HT0011?14?F?0012SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP), Cost Reim. (CR)$5M ? $20MProgram management support for the DHA IM Div. The services include, but are not limited to, providing consultative, analytical, technical, coordination, presentation, and general but are not limited to, providing consultative, analytical, technical, coordination, presentation, and general management analyst services to support the IM Div staff.16-Feb-192019 Q15QualX Corporation
W81XWH?08?D?0032Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MTRICARE Operations Center (TOC) contract provides for daily operations of the TOC with direct MTF feeds of CHCS/MTF data for addressing Access.24-Jan-192018 Q45Irving Burton Associates
W81XWH?08?D?0013Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Hybrid (FFP, TM, CPFF, CPAF)$50M ? $75MThis award provides call center and network support for TRICARE Regional Offices, Medical Support and DHHQ Service Offices.29-Apr-192019Q15Intellidyne, LLC.
W91QUZ?12?D?0004Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Hybrid (FFP, Cost)$50M ? $75MThe Service Uniform Business Offices (UBOs) have been tasked by the
TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) with creating one solution – the Armed Forces Billing and Collections Utilization Solution (ABACUS) – to manage the billing and collection activitie
30-Jan-202019Q45General Dynamics Information Technology
N00178?09?D?5782SB Set asideCPFF$20M ? $50MJMED consists of several components. Multiple broadband circuits need to
be maintained between Bethesda and Fort Belvoir to provide high available and redundant Wide Area Network (WAN). Network Protection Suites need to be maintained at both FBCH and
10-Jul-182018Q35Network Security Systems Plus, Inc
Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)
Unknown (serviced by Non? DoD Agency)$20M ? $50MProvides for software maintenance services to support JMLFDC in the
configuration, technical sustainment and continued enhancement of TEWLS as a part of DHSS logistics systems.
HHSN316201200023WFair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Unknown (serviced by Non? DoD Agency)$20M ? $50MDHSS Data Processing and Operations Support28-Sep-182018Q34General Dynamics Information Technology
HHSN316201200117WSB Set asideUnknown (serviced by Non?
DoD Agency)
$20M ? $50MNational Center for Telehealth and Technology OY2 (T2) ? Add new CLIN for
HC Standard ? ATTAIN / 2/15/17 ? 9/29/17
29-Sep-182018Q34Attain, LLC
HT0015?16?F?0052Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $50MPerform integration activities for all releases in support of the AHLTA and CHCS systems and all related Tier III, Beta Site, and Release Management
30-Jun-182018Q34Leidos, Inc
W81XWH?15?C?0082SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $50MProvides for software, licenses (Brand Name or Equal to CoPath Plus), hardware/equipment, and services to replace the MHS’ existing Anatomic Pathology Laboratory Information System (APLIS) solution. The requested APLIS solution must comply with the D31-Dec-192019Q42Cerner Corporation
HT0015?17?F?0061SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $50MEDUCATION/TRAINING? INFORMATION
27-Mar-192018Q42SYSTEMS PLUS, INC.
HT0015?18?F?0010Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$85M ? $100MApplication Support for Program Management Office, DMHRSi, ESSENCE, BOXi/BCS, Serena/ACM, EAS IV, PHIMT, PEPR, LDAP, M2, and CDR. Obtaininf Platform as a Service (PaaS), Automation of Platform Delivery, and more.30-Sep-182018Q31GENERAL DYNAMICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,
HHSN316201200055WFair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Unknown (serviced by Non? DoD Agency)$5M ? $20MDevelopment and Sustainment for JMAR30-Apr-192019Q14VSE Corp
W81XWH?08?D?0043Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Hybrid (FFP, TM, CPFF, CPAF)$5M ? $20MPMTM Service Support: Program and Technical Management Service Support of DHA I&O21-Nov-182018Q43TECHNOLOGY, AUTOMATION & MANAGEMENT
N00178?09?D?5771SB Set asideHybrid (FFP, TM, CPFF, CPAF)$5M ? $20MProvides Clinical Information Systems (CIS) and associated applications users with initial and sustainment training and support services for Navy Medicine.27-Sep-182018Q33Loui
HT0011?18?C?0008Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProvide services in support of various Program Management business and technical functions necessary for sustaining all Solution Delivery Division
(SDD) product?lines.
SDVOSB set aside$5M ? $20MArchitecture, Advanced Concepts & Engineering30-Sep-182018Q41DCMA/SPAWAR
N65236?13?D?4948SB Set asideHybrid (FFP, CPFF)$5M ? $20MProvide the infrastructure and operations support for the Medical Information Delivery (MID) Computing Enclave. This includes operations and maintenance, systems administration, security monitoring, data center operations, incident response, and technical refresh activities for the hardware and software components of the MID enclave as outlined on slide 1230-Sep-182018Q33Mandex, Inc
N65236?13?D?4948SB Set asideHybrid (FFP, CPFF)$5M ? $20MProvide the infrastructure and operations support for the Medical Information Delivery (MID) Computing Enclave. This includes operations and maintenance, systems administration, security monitoring, data center operations, incident response, and technical refresh activities for the hardware and software components of the MID enclave as outlined on slide 1230-Sep-182018Q33Mandex, Inc
No set aside used$5M ? $20MSPAWAR reimbursable costs associated with Ref#57230-Sep-182018Q34Honeywell Technology
HC1028?08?D?2007Woman Owned Small BusinessHybrid( FFP, Cost, T&M)$5M ? $20MProvides Network Architectural & Design Standards, Program Management Support, Cable Plant Upgrades (CPUs), Cable Abatements, Electronic Upgrades, (EUs), Maintenance & Sparing (M&S), Network Support, Telephony Modernization (TelMod) Support8-Sep-182018Q34Femme Comp Inc
NNG15SD60BSB Set aside$5M ? $20MVMWare Consolidated Portal Services. The purpose of this modification is to add requirements to the existing task order.29-Sep-182018Q33Advanced Computer Concepts, INC.
N65236?15?C?1004Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MMEDCIN License Renewal. Medical terminology integrated into AHLTA and
30-Sep-182018Q34Medicomp Systems inc
HT0015?15?F?0071SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MInfrastructure & Operations14-Sep-182018Q33CO?HIT (COD?SA)
W81K04?13?D?00238(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MEnduring Non Personal Services Contract to provide IM/IT Support to over 92,000 user CONUS and OCNUS in a 24/7 x 365 environments. Provides skilled with required technical expertise and knowledge to provide technical support to the US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) ESD for the US Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) enterprise.30-Sep-182018Q31INSERSO CORPORATION
W81XWH?16?C?00378(A) sole sourceFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProvides for maintenance of Patient Safety Reporting COTS solution, and
accompanying expertise.
N65236?DHRE?FY17?NMO?SOW 0000331_v1.3No set aside used$5M ? $20MIDIQ. Provide sustainment of NMO to include security patching, maintaining interfaces, and fixing issues that impact system availability. This supports data brokering/data warehouse services for Navy Medicine data, as well as case management tools for medical waivers. It enables medical/dental readiness data to be transferred to the Navy’s Medical Readiness Reporting System (MRRS).30-Sep-182018Q35CACI
HT0015?17?F?0171SDVOSB set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $50MContract (HIT) MAAG Storage31-Oct-182018Q31THREE WIRE SYSTEMS, LLC
N62645?13?C?40418(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProgram Management and Life Cycle Maintenance Support Services for the Defense Occupational and Environmental Health Readiness System (DOEHRS) in support of the Navy Medicine Information System Support Activity (NAVMISSA) in San Antonio, Texas. Speci30-Sep-182018Q35DOMA TECHNOLOGIES, LLC
HT0015?18?F?0007Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MProvide for Development, Testing, and Evaluation (DT&E) services; this include managing and maintaining DT&E environments and accomplishing tasks related to the DT&E of Clinical Services Program Management Office (PMO) products and applications.30-Apr-202019Q13DELOITTE CONSULTING LLP
N65236?13?C?2158Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MLeadtools. The software will be implemented on the Print Server at military donor centers for the labels that provide the barcode on the blood bags.30-Sep-182018Q35Lead Technologies
Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)
Hybrid (FFP, TM, CPFF, CPAF)$20M ? $50MPortfolio and Resource Management23-Jul-182018Q33USAMRAA
N62645?13?F?0049Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MProvides content annual license for 23 Navy sites. The support includes standardized information about a proposed treatment or procedure and its alternatives in a way that is clear to the patient, using a combination of necessary clinical terminology29-Sep-182018Q35Standard Register, Inc
HT0011?15?C?00038(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MInfrastructure & Operations12-Jul-182018Q34COD?FC
HHSN316201200185W8(A) sole sourceUnknown (serviced by Non?
DoD Agency)
$2M ? $5MProvides for full NMIS and SNPMIS Hardware/Software lifecycle
maintenance support
28-Sep-182018Q33Universal Consulting Services,
HT0011?16?C?00178(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MContract (HIT) Chief Of Staff (CoS) PM Support Division31-Oct-182018Q43NetImpact Strategies
HT0011?16?C?00268(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MProvides project management and technical service support to I&O for the Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) life cycle management of the MHS effort to implement Med?COI, a single logical medical enclave11-Sep-182018Q32NetImpact Strategies
W81XWH?15?F?04198(A) competed$2M ? $5MThe scope of this PWS is to provide continued programmatic support and services for the MEDBOLTS, MEDRUPMIS, BUMIS II, and ITS.30-Sep-202020Q2522nd Century Technologies Inc
W81K04?13?F?0023Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MThis is a non?personal services contract to provide Information Technology Support Services to the US Army Medical Information Technology Center (USAMITC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.29-Sep-182018Q35CNF TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION
$2M ? $5MIBM Enterprise Hardware Support29-Aug-182018Q31MVS, INC.
HT0011?14?C?00258(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MPJITC BioTech Hui Hui, Program Management Support: Program Management Support, Project Management, Technology Support, System
/Equipment Administration, Web Site Design and Management and Web
Communication Coordination, Software and Hardware Inventor
W81XWH?13?F?0318Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
$2M ? $5MAnnual Performance Plan support. Optional Task for User Satisfaction Survey.26-Sep-182018Q35TIAG
HT0015?18?F?0021Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MIf necessary, this option will be exercised at the end of the period of performance of the base period. All services will be in accordance with the PWS and quote from Bluewater Federal Solutions.31-Aug-182018Q31BLU EW ATER F ED ER AL SO LU TIO N S, IN C .
FA8052?15?C?0019SB Set aside?SDVOFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MProject planning, monitor/control deployment & sustainment tasks, org. change management, workflow integration, operations support (hardware & software configuration deployment and tracking), special accounts management, liaison activities, systems analysis and design support, and
MTF advocacy.
3-Sep-182018Q33Green Technology Group
HT0015?17?F?0030SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MContract (HIT) DOEHRS?HC Data Repository Tier III Maintenance FY1728-Jun-1828-Feb-184Network Management
Resources, Inc
HC1028?16?A?0008Unres tricted (BPA)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MAdobe Subscription29-Sep-182018Q31CARAHSOFT TECHNOLOGY
W91QUZ?11?D?0010Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Hybrid (FFP, Cost)$1M ? $4MCredant Mobile Gaurdian Enterprise Server Licenses? Plan to exercise Option Year23-Sep-182018Q34MicroTechnologies
HT0015?17?F?0129SB Set asideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$1M ? $4MThe Patient Queuing & Notification System (PQNS) is intended to support specific customer?defined missions, based on its intended installation. It is a software suite for managing the flow of customers, advertising, and information in customer service centers. This is a new joint requirement that will be acquired through a limited source acquisition process. For over five years, individual Military Treatment Facilities from the Army, Air Force and Navy have contracted for this service and each Service has identified their own requirements and technical leads for the Queuing Project. The Queuing Rationalization Work Group, in accordance with DHA Governance/Zero Based Review, has identified a need to jointly manage this joint requirement and associated contracts.28-Sep-182018Q31ACF TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)
Hybrid (FFP, CPFF, T&M, CPAF)$1M ? $4MContract Execution and financial Support to DHA SDD division30-Sep-182018Q32ER Williams, Inc.
HT0011?14?F?0038Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$1M ? $4MEnsure that standard tables used at all Military Health Systems (MHS) sites are consistent and accurate and thus will provide the necessary support for MHS decision making. This TO will also ensure more accurate billing and reimbursement of DoD healt30-Sep-182018Q34CACI
HT0011?16?C?00238(A) Set?AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$1M ? $4MSupport for I&O Contract Consolidation effort to develop and implement an objective Contract Consolidation Approach considering business value, functional impact, timing, and policy compliance. Analyze requirements across multiple contracts; identify redundancies and make recommendations for consolidation. Maintain contract data (Period of Performance, personnel, awards, modifications, etc.), participate in HIT Contract Rationalization Working Group, and respond to and manage multiple data calls in support of the contract consolidation activities.8-Sep-182018Q32NetImpact Strategies
HT0015?18?F?0008Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$15M ? $20MSystem Database Administration (SA/DBA) Inpatient Clinicall Information System (CIS) Support Services.30-Jun-182-Mar-182ACTIONET, INC.
NewFair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$10M ? $20MContract (HIT) DOEHRS?IH Enterprise Services ? Informatica DISA LE30-Sep-182019Q32n/a
GS03Q15DSP0002Fair Opportunity(IDIQ,
Time & Material (T&M)$1M ? $5MContract (HIT) Electronic Surveillance System for the Early Notification of Community?based Epidemics (ESSENCE) Surveillance Program Training and
Communications Support
FA301614D0001TBDFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MMETC Medical Laboratory Educational Affiliation Services: Contractor to provide educational support services to include enrollment, registration, academic record update and official transcripts.30-Sep-182018 Q35The George Washington University
HT001417P0569TBDFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MInstructor Services for pre hospital trauma life support30-Sep-182018 Q3TBDJones & Bartlett Learning
FA301614F0054TBDFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MProcure and install Blackboard Software; a cloud based remote hosted, fully functional learning content management system (LCMS) that seamlessly integrates across the established (and planned) METC Enterprise.20-Sep-192019Q25Blackboard
W91YTZ?13?C?0015Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$100M?$150MDVBIC Clinical Care: IT contract for services for the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center (DVBIC) Headquarters as well as Network Sites. The Contractor shall performance at the DVBIC Headquarters and at various Military and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers locations within and outside CONUS.25-Sep-182018 Q35General Dynamics
W81XWH?08?D?0025/0041Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$2M ? $5MReal Warriors: This contract provides for the planning, development, execution, and maintenance of a national public awareness and education campaign designed to promote psychological health within the military community.30-Sep-182018 Q35
W81XWH?08?D?0045/0002Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Hybrid (CPFF, FFP, CPAF, FPI, T&M?LH)$2M ? $5MPM Support: This opportunity provides support for Correspondence Management, Operations, Human Resources, Facilities, Logistics, Program Management, Training, Information Technology, and Business Management for the DHA Research and Development Directorate (J?9).1-Jan-192019Q15Information Innovators, Inc.
W81XWH?08?D?0025/0050Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP) or Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF)$1M ? $4MGap Analysis: The contractor shall provide program level Psychological Health (PH) subject matter expertise to support clinical, research, technical, editorial, training and education and graphics goals. The Contractor shall support activities within the areas of studies and analysis, product development and dissemination and implementation and sustained adoption that are associated with PH programs.30-Sep-182018 Q33
HT001418D0002Fair Opportunity(IDIQ, MAS, GWAC)Firm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $35MRequires technical and functional support to operate its Integrated Referral Management and Appointment Center (IRMAC) as a means of centralizing a major portion of the appointing and referral management for the integrated healthcare delivery system in the National Capital Area. The responsibilities of the technical and functional support as described in the PWS are to provide WRNMMC with superior services and functionality in the most effective and efficient manner.1-Mar-192018Q45
HT0014?14?T?0019 & HT0014? 15?0208Unres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MDeveloping quarterly financial reports for program budgets, analyzing financial reports of obligations and expenditures to identify differences between proposed changes in operating programs and projected spending, and recommending solutions to address budget shortages and fiscal problems.1-Sep-192019Q25
HT0011?17?F?0036SB Set AsideFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MThe award provides for operational support to the MHS Strategic Communications Office. Provides support for the four communications working groups (Web, Media, Content and Outreach) to integrate tactical planning and peripheral execution across the MHS14-Sep-182018Q35RACK?WILDNER & REESE, INC
n/aUnres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$5M ? $20MMedical Training Command and Control (MT?C2) Production: Produce, test, and field (from a previously developed Tech Data Pkg) a substantial performance upgrade to the Army’s Medical Simulation Training Centers (MSTC).n/a2019 Q12n/a
n/aUnres trictedFirm Fixed Price (FFP)$20M ? $50MWarrior Injury Assessment Manikin (WIAMan): Build to print ten WIAMan Anthropomorphic Test Devices (ATD) within the first six months of the contract and capability to provide additional ATDs in increments of five to ten over a four year period.n/a2018 Q35n/a