2016 Federal Health IT Challenge Finalists


Did you know that we are giving away a car on May 4th to the small business who designs the best innovation prototype as part of the G2Xchange Health challenge? To be specific – a cool car. An electric hybrid Chevy Volt. Announced today, here is the list of small Federal Health IT groups vying to win this new ride. Challenge nominations were reviewed, evaluated and selected by a team of former Federal and current Health IT industry executives.

InfoMed - Aurotech, Inc.
What is the mystery behind the drastic increase in drug approvals and recalls in recent years? Even with an average of 10 years and millions of dollars spent behind development of a drug, there is still that chance that the drug might be recalled! The reasons for a recall are many and may range from incomplete research to manufacturing issues.
Now imagine an algorithm that takes into consideration the vast amount of information available through social media, clinical trials and historical drug recall information and predicts if a new drug has the probability of being recalled. Having this ability to foresee and predict patterns in the drugs being recalled can be a very useful tool in the drug approval process for everybody involved from the FDA to the pharmaceutical companies, right down to the consumers.
Digital Health Focused on Closing Care Gaps, Improving Quality of Care - BioIQ
BioIQ Star leverages a subset of the BioIQ’s features to assist health plans and payers improve their Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) scores, Star ratings, and Quality Rating System (QRS) scores. We close population gaps in care for patients who have not been actively interacting with their primary care physician (PCP), care provider, or payer. BioIQ uses engagement solutions (including communication strategies and fulfillment), services (including blood tests, IFOBT screening, urine tests, and vaccinations), and education to help close gaps. BioIQ simplifies the HEDIS compliance process with a closed-loop system for contacting members, guiding them through the health screening process, generating lab results, creating electronic health records and integrating the data with the health plan’s back-end systems. Additionally, all participants are provided with a personal action plan and tools to implement it including use of a digital coaching application.
Digital Health Focused on Connecting with Consumers to Increase Population Wellness - BioIQ
The BioIQ SoftSuite platform integrates diverse screening options, drives customer engagement, manages screening programs, and correlates vital data across multiple entities and providers. SoftSuite automates manual and time‐consuming aspects of screening your population through turnkey implementation tools, checklists, and comprehensive account management services. Our seamless screening experience handles all data management and third‐party data integration, along with all participant and employer‐level reporting. Additionally, all participants are provided with a personal
HSPC-compliant Clinical Decision Support System - Cognitive Medical Systems
Our CDS system employs services based on several HL7 standards (Fast Health Information Resources [FHIR], Decision Support Service [DSS], Unified Communications [UCOM] and Event Publish & Subscribe [EPS]) to create and deliver real-time CDS advice to providers at the bedside. Specifically the system detects complex and subtle but clinically significant anomalies in patient vitals and recommends therapeutic interventions based on the patient’s genomic profile. These standards will form the basis of tomorrow’s clinical software but more importantly, they elevate expectations of what is possible in the industry.
Improving Claims Processing Efficiencies - Client Network Services, Inc. (CNSI)
Claims processing is a complex process in the healthcare ecosystem, and payment of claims can often be delayed due to missing or inaccurate information. To help reduce claims processing life cycle, time and cost of manual interventions and resubmissions, CNSI developed two innovative approaches for improving claims processing-Automated Prior Authorization Match and Automated “Look-Forward” on Recurring Adjustments to Adjustments. Implementation of both features is proven to increase operational efficiencies, prompt payments to participants, and provider satisfaction, while reducing the cost of recurring billings due to adjustments.
Platinum Cyber Security Protection - CS Solutions

  • The only software that eliminates propagation of malware in less than 90 seconds
  • Remediate 1 to 1000’s of systems worldwide at one time by simply rebooting infected system(s)
  • Reduce software related help desk costs up to 90%
  • Maintain regulatory compliance baselines


TaskWatch - Clinical and business notifications on smartwatches - Hipaax LLC
TaskWatch sends just-in-time contextual notifications to clinicians on their smartwatches, allowing hands-free connectivity to patient information and EHR data in real-time. TaskWatch enhances clinical workflow, productivity and quality of care. Custom wearable applications for healthcare can now be developed and deployed in minutes using TaskWatch’s wearable cloud.
My Medicare Mobile App - eGlobalTech
eGT proposes a mobile application to empower the burgeoning Baby Boomer population with access to common Medicare functions. This application provides a secure process for presenting credentials to providers in a consumer friendly fashion. Our application allows consumers to use their mobile device to provide beneficiary information normally found on their Medicare card and provides extensions for interaction between the Agency and beneficiaries. This application builds a new channel through which the Government can better connect with an increasingly mobile and technically capable generation of Medicare beneficiaries.
Focus Mobility, LLC - coming soon
Enhancing CMS Resiliency through Real-Time Situational Awareness - Global Emergency Resources, LLC
The HC Standard® CMS Tracking Application will provide long-term health care facilities a real-time HIPAA compliant tool to track residents with 100% accuracy for CMS compliance in the event of an evacuation or facility move. Most facilities today are lacking a tool to comply with the CMS guidelines to track residents, their critical medical supplies, and their belongings, and the proposed solution would provide just such a tool at an economical price. The dashboard view of the data from the application will allow facility administrators to quickly and accurately see the status of any evacuation or move and will allow decision makers on the scene or thousands of miles away to see the event unfold and to understand the magnitude of the incident. The cloud-hosted tool will run on Apple™ or Android™ devices, will eliminate the need for paper and pencil to track residents, will provide facilities with the data they need to support FEMA reimbursement in the event of an evacuation due to a declared disaster, and will assist with family reunification.
Next generation blood glucose monitor for diabetes - HeartSquare, Inc.
A product-as-a-service web enabled solution to diabetes care. Nearly two-thirds of the cost for diabetes care in the U.S. is paid for by the Federal Government (Medicare, Medicaid, Military Health Service, and the Veterans Health Administration). HeartSquare introduces the world’s first membership based diabetes solution. Featuring the most accurate GE blood glucose monitoring system and intelligent backend platform that enables data sharing via the cloud with selected family members and/or physicians/health providers.
Universal Smart Health Card Data Management System - ICUcare LLC
A patient facing personal health records cloud based HIE capable of retrieving, parsing and reconciling a user’s longitudinal medical history including imaging from any disparate certified EHR or PHR in North America. Additionally, the solution includes a back-end solution for use by payers in reconciling subscriber’s invoices.
Omni-Gen - Fast Track to Master Data Management - Information Builders, Inc.
The U.S. Affordable Care Act is just one of the factors driving change in the healthcare sector, but the benefits of having a single view of the patient are essential to the performance and management of Federal health IT. Providing a single view of the patient allows healthcare providers and payers alike to understand the patient journey, discover gaps in care, and provide more effective care management techniques. Data mastering applications improve strategic planning and tactical decision-making by creating a unified, consistent, and accurate view of data across a Health community. Using a rapid, model-driven implementation, Omni-Gen reduces the time to master a single domain from 12 to 18 months, to three months or less.[/su_spolier]
iWay Big Data Integrator - Managing Data in Your Apache HadoopR Big Data Platform - Information Builders, Inc.
As organizations seek the benefits of big data for their clinical, financial, and administrative data, they are finding that integrating Apache HadoopR into their data management strategy means struggling with new developer tools, new user interfaces, and a need for new skills in a completely new environment. iWay Big Data Integrator enables Federal healthcare organizations to support any kind of big data use case by incorporating Sqoop for data replication, capture, and export; Flume for streaming and unstructured data acquisition; and iWay Service Manager for ingestion of non-Hadoop data (e.g., transactions, messages, alternate data sources) - all running natively in the cluster. An easy-to-use interface ensures that users don't need Apache HadoopR knowledge or training to be effective.
ScrumSaga - Information Management Technologies
ScrumSaga is a collaboration platform that makes software systems instantly accessible to a general audience. It combines automated harvesting of data points from code, and external data, with a UI that diagrams system structure to support interactive data queries. Final output from analysts’ investigations present findings on design and development easily understandable by stakeholders in any field.
IntegrityM Extrapolation Solution - Integrity Management Services, Inc.
The IntegrityM Extrapolation Solution (IES) is an innovative extrapolation application, which helps federal and private healthcare systems to implement a repeatable, reliable, and defendable extrapolation of overpayment costs. The extrapolation process is defined by transparent calculations and strict guidelines. Analysts and managers can quickly run a data sample through IES and obtain an error rate, and calculate the overpayment amount, leading to more informed decisions about where to spend resources, and how the amounts were calculated.
IES relieves managers, statisticians, and analysts from time-consuming error rate calculations, which could end up with mistakes and overturns on fraud recovery cases.
MobileCare DBT - Mobilegov, Inc., Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital, and RedHat
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) is a mindfulness and acceptance-based cognitive-behavioral therapy adapted for treating people with severe, complex, hard-to-treat, multi-diagnostic conditions.
An effective DBT program requires significant levels of coordination, data collection, and educational and training resources. By leveraging advances in software automation and mobile technology, we are developing a service-oriented-architecture for the creation, deployment, and administration of DBT programs.
This program will combine web and mobile applications with best practices in current DBT methodologies to produce a resource that is transferable into a range of settings including adolescent care, drug addiction treatment, and PTSD.
NetImpact Syndromic Surveillance Solution (NS3) - NetImpact Strategies, Inc
The NetImpact Syndromic Surveillance Solution (NS3) has been developed to enable Federal health care providers and Federal agencies to quickly collect critical data (in most cases within 24 hours), and convert that data into actionable intelligence available to all stakeholders and across agencies in an easily configurable, easily consumable manner. The target organization is one in which there are many health units dispersed across a wide geographical area such as the Department of Health and Human Services.
NS3 is focused on patient and syndromic surveillance statistics that do not contain HIPPAA or other personally identifiable patient information (PII). This enables NS3 to be implemented quicker and with less regulatory constraints than might be associated with a traditional electronic health record (EHR) system.
Prescription Drug Interoperability: A Configurable Solution for State PDMP Registry - RELI Group, Inc.
The Prescription Drug Monitoring Program Interoperability Solution (PDMP-IS) utilizes the HHS/ONC developed PDMP IG to create a hub that provides seamless integration between the EHR/EMR/ systems and the State level PDMPs. This allows health care providers to access dispensing records of controlled substances from within their EHR/EMR/ systems. This in turn reduces instances of drug misuse and overdoses
RJ Health Systems - coming soon
LifeLink: Matching Demand for Behavioral Health Workforce - Synectics for Management Decisions, Inc. (Team SMDI)
A multi-faceted cloud-based platform addressing the unique needs of key stakeholders in the behavioral health workforce labor market: job applicants, service providers (employers), and academia/funding institution (such as the government). First of its kind, it is an interactive, state-of-the-art technology central to the operation of the labor market for behavioral health professionals/paraprofessionals. The goal is to mitigate existing workforce gaps to improve health outcomes of individuals receiving mental health and/or substance abuse services. The platform will be horizontally scalable allowing for the power of data to inform practice, decision making, planning, and resource allocation through analytics and visualization.
HealthMitigate - TowerStrides, Inc., Spinovation-TowerStrides/ HealthMitigate Team
HealthMitigate is a cloud-based risk management application helps Payer and Provider to make risk based decisions based on business intelligence and risk measures. It is built with innovative features such as Pre-built risk measure and controls libraries to get started quickly. Create/edit health specific Processes, Risks and Controls. Set Triggers and Alerts to remind action owners. Role based sign-in so that risk and events are properly assigned and addressed. Risk and Event Dashboard rolled up to gain a full enterprise view of risks. Simplified screens for users ensuring risk-owners face minimal impediments to updating their risks. Complies with ISO, SOX and COBIT frameworks, plus others.

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