Have you ever wondered about the important and lively conversations Government Contracting’s movers and shakers have when they get together? Well now you can hear them in The Room—a unique video roundtable where our Industry’s best and brightest give their insights into the issues, challenges and inside knowledge that matter to our community. 

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The Room: Episode 2

The second episode of The Room takes a closer look at navigating a competitive landscape, which we all know can be extremely challenging with so many key players vying for the same opportunities in our Industry. Our experts weigh in and give helpful advice on how they’ve succeeded in a crowded marketplace.

The Room: Episode 1

Episode one of The Room takes a deep dive into small and large business partnerships.  Both sides of the spectrum are always looking for new partners and new ways to work together, and you’ll hear from our experts on what’s worked best, and also what small and large businesses need from each other to be successful.

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Mary Anne BrownAs the Senior Podcast Director Mary Ann Brown joined the team after years working in broadcast radio, media and project management industry. She is focused on getting the most relevant information out to the community with some of the leaders in the industry. Mary Ann resides on a small ranch in the Adirondack Mountains in Northern New York with her large family and growing number of pets. She is devoted to helping women succeed in business, families and life.